04 December, 2009


Ni first time wat tag dr org.. slalu nye ignore je sbb xbyk masa.. tp memandangkan masa agk terluang.. so, pe salahnye kan.. hehe ^^ tag ni dr Eonnie daku, ktorg same2 dlm 'industri' yg sama.. cewah.. hehe >< (xbrp mahir men tag2 ni, so jwb je la.. hehe ^^)

faRiha faRdun

Your boyfriend:
n0 b0yfren fullstop

Your hair:

Your Mother:

Your Father:

Your Favorite Item:

Your dream last night:
xingtLa.. hehe

Your Dream Home:
umaH mewaH k0t

The Room You Are In:
u mean n0w..? skang kt ruang tamu je

Favorite colour
purpLe.. (sama ngan E0nnie la, hehe)

Your fear:
Allah s.w.t (ofcourse)

Where do you want to be in ten years?:
financiaL manager or financial Planner.. hehe ^^

Who you hung out with last night:
kakcik the bucuk..

What You're Not:
i'm n0t a b0y.. haha

Your Best Friend:
adik2 saye..

One of Your Wish List Items:
a trip to k0rea.. hehe ^^

Your Gender:

The Last Thing You Did:
masak nasik

What You Are Wearing:
tshirt CIMB ngan kain..

Your Favorite Weather:

The Last Thing You Ate:
kerepek Ubi

Your Life:

Your Mood:
ok je..

Who are you:
xpaham soklan ni.. huhu

okla.. ayah dh blk.. chow~~

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