27 April, 2009

let's get STARTED..

seeing people have their own blog..
me too want to have one..
i'm trying to use English instead of Bahasa
in this blog..
not to forget my own language..
but to improve my English..
besides, i'm trying to make new foreign friends..
so, friends.. chinggu.. u all are welcome to be my
i'm trying to use this blog to share
all that i'm interested in..
i love..
i like..
i want..
i dream of..
i would like..
so, with the words of Bismillah..
let's start blogging..

nice to meet u all
let's help me to get started..


AiMiEiA said...

So do we have to comment in English also??

Good luck~!

faRiha said...

haha.. so noty2 bdk2 skarang eh.. comment kte2 je bace.. hehe.. sbnrnye alng de kwn foreigner.. cian diorg kalu alng tulis bm.. ngeh3..