27 April, 2009

reLease teNsion in tHe middLe of exaM weEk..

what a very tired week..
3 exam in a row + 1 paper just now..
2 paper more..
really tired..
this nite and tomorrow
i planned to 'unstudy'.. hehe

i spent this whole nite
infront of my beloved laptop
~ checking my email inbox
~ perdanamail inbox.. ngeh3
~ friendster
~ facebook
~ youtube channel
(so many suju new show.. i had left behind.. aigoo)
~ read newspapers
~ watching boys before flower in mysoju
~ eat maggi (actually steal my friends maggi.. hehe.. thanks raidah)
~ chit chatting
~ lying2
~ listening to suju new 3rd album sorry2..
( i love monster song very much)
~ and many more
actually i had sleeping this whole evening
~ only wake up for Asar prayers and then get back to sleep.. wahaha

back to my planned
we were planning to visit Sunway tomorrow
what i've waiting for

i hope i will able to start study for my International Finance
and Islamic Finance paper
on Wednesday..
3 days for 1 paper
it's a lot..

additional info..
me and my beloved friends had actually release our tension
on Saturday evening
just visiting the nearest shop
at 14, petaling jaya..
as well as UM's lake
'tasik varsiti'

what a very happy evening
after struggling on business ethics paper
en zul..
give me high mark yea..

after shopping at 14..
me and my lovely and cold slurpee..
i love slurpee..

me and raidah..
model of slurpee and icetea..
slurrrppp.. mmm

finally we reach to Muhaiya's car
pose still pose
don't forget..

turn back..
forget to buy something to eat
finally we choose the hot
fried banana
or goreng pisang
eh.. pisang goreng

infront the lake

lets make UM clean

me and the beautiful scenery
praise to God

me and kak gee in the middle of kl *wink

and at last..
the result
is tired..
but its ok
tired but fun
release tension

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