07 May, 2009

really in ipoh..

ngeh3... at last.. i'm in ipoh.. my hometown..

..quite long time i didn't post here.. so many things i want to do when i'm home.. ngeh3.. watching tv, selongkaring the fridge.. hehe.. so many.. and the most wanted thing to do after the final exam is.. SLEEPING.. yeah.. that is the most wanted thing to be done.. after suffering for only sleeping on my mr patrick's stomach until it penyet and not buncit anymore.. (i've sent my pillow to my uncle's home for some reason) haha.. mama always asked me where i've been gone.. i said so many things but actually i'm sleeping at the upstairs of my house..sory mama.. saranghae..

.. wah.. 8tv now is airing (is this the correct word) iljimae.. which starring my lovely jun ki as the hero.. i love junki since he is in my girl.. ngeh2.. add he is resembles yesung from suju.. nyahaha.. i've been searching for yesung pict to be upload.. but it is in my hard disk at next room.. so lazy to take it.. so, only this picture i had keep in the comp.. simply want to post uri yesungie oppa picture.. i think yesung is really unique and his voice is.. peh... like from heaven.. ooopss.. so many praise for him.. hehe..

actually i wanna start posting for my visiting to sunway pyramid.. but the picture is in the pendrive.. also at the next room.. haiyoo.. so lazy want to take maa.. maybe next time.. ok.. wanna continue to watch my lovely gu jun pyo from boys over flower drama.. huhu..


AiMiEiA said...

anda telah di tag - sila layari blog saya untuk mendapatkan award anda

aMyErInAiMiE said...

dtg la tmn budaya ipoh tgk erin menari sabtu ni kol 8 mlm.ktorg nye grup bertanding ngn selangor n perak's team utk wakil zon tengah dlm festival Tari Malaysia