25 May, 2009

streamix tsunamy..

yay.. since we had our streamix, i am always being infront of my laptop.. no wonder many people had been far away advance than me in the cyber world.. before this i just using the usual phone line internet, college wireless and borrowing friends and cousins broadband.. all this can't be used in a long time for its limited time and access.. but now.. huhu.. but sure i have to share it with my sisters but now i am the one who conquer it.. i also admit that because of the good access and speed, i can surf many website that i can't access before this.. and because of this.. i have no enough time to compose, or in simple word.. to update my blog.. huhu

i also admit that actually i am more likely to just view those website i visit rather than to join them.. this is because i am too lazy to type and composing..

so, the main point here is most likely i will become so slow in updating my blog because of these reason.. it is not because i want to leave it or because i hate it.. i love it and i really want to update and posting in this blog.. but.. haha.. u all noe rite.. ngeh3..

i promise i will always try to post in this blog although for short post.. pinky promise.. hehe..

one more.. not like other people who was great in composing nice stories, diaries or what so ever.. i am using this blog to share my comment, my opinion, my view on something and so on.. i also were hoping to find anyone with some interest with me.. besides, i also were not interested to join any community in the cyber world for some reasons.. so, i hope i can use this blog to express my interest.. and that's all.. huhu

haha.. okla, what a miserable post.. it actually the thing that i want to tell myself what actually i want.. kan2? haha.. ok, annyeong..

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