04 July, 2009


nah.. now i'm here in my Acu's house.. so relief after a 4 hours journey from Ipoh to KLIA.. huhu..

i had Bakso for my dinner tonite and at 9 i am already on the bed surfing the internet.. i feel so tired and sleepy.. but before that i still can searching for Wancu's old magazine to be read before my eyes close.. ngee..

right after lying on the soft bed in the air conditioned room.. with fan and aircond remote in my hand, with the light from the bed lamp.. i start composing again for this nite..

right before that, i called Angah for a while.. just to hear their voice, but Angah said that they all had gone to the bed.. just same as me.. seems everyone is so tired today.. huhu..

herm, what else..

ahaa.. tomorrow i will be going to my college on 1 pm because Acu had to attend one 'kenduri' that held just beside his house.. so, i have to accept the truth that i can just stay at any room that had be chosen by Raidah and Kak Ana.. beside, we had agreed that whoever late have to take the middle part of the long desk in the room..

i really2 hope that i can get a good room that i hope.. i hope God will help me..

ok.. my eyes is getting sepet already, i think i will not able to finish reading the magazine for tonight..

i have to wake up early because i want to look2 for my things and repacking it because i think that my thing is so many and i hope i can put aside things that i think not really important.. i believe this kind of work need more strength.. so i better go to sleep now..

goodnite everyone, have a nice dream..

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